Sunday, January 1, 2012

About Umiak Labs

Umiak Labs develops Android apps, including live wallpapers.

Live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers are animated backgrounds for your phone. They can also be interactive, responding to touch events.

Setting a live wallpaper

To set a live wallpaper as your background, first download the wallpaper from the Android Market. Then from your home screen, press the menu button and select "Wallpaper", then "Live wallpapers".
You will see a list or gallery of live wallpapers already installed on your phone - a few free ones will typically come pre-loaded on your phone. You can press "Preview" to see what a live wallpaper looks like without setting it as your background.
To set the wallpaper as your background, press "Apply".

Changing the wallpaper's settings

Some live wallpapers have adjustable settings - for example you might be able to change the colors or animation speed.
To change the live wallpaper's settings, you will need to preview the wallpaper using the method described above. If the wallpaper has settings you will see a "Settings" option in preview mode.
You change the wallpaper's settings this way regardless of whether you have already set it as your background.

System requirements

You can enjoy live wallpapers if your phone is running Android version 2.1 or higher. To check which version of Android your phone is running, go to your home screen and press the menu button. Choose "Settings" from the menu that pops up, then "About phone", and then "Software version" or "Firmware version".